Compassionate Care Team

Comfort Cove

The Comfort Cove

                                                  is designed to be used by students of all ages with special needs and is located upstairs, just follow the signs.  


This room is available during the church service for use by a parent and their child. 


The Comfort Cove is also available during Fellowship Time and the Sunday School hour if a student needs a break from the regular classroom setting.  It will be staffed by an adult volunteer during this time. 

A special need is any physical, sensory or cognitive impairment which may cause a child to need extra assistance or support.  

The room is equipped with a rocking chair, an egg chair, a bean bag chair, a Cozy Canoe and many activities chosen specifically for children with special needs.  It also has a trampoline to allow students to burn off excess energy.


Please do not let your child explore the Comfort Core unsupervised as we need to be respectful of the specifically designed furnishings in this room.      



We also plan to pair each student with special needs with a buddy during the Sunday school hour, as necessary.  Please fill out these forms if you would like a buddy for your child or you would like to be a buddy for another student.