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Compassionate Care Team

Who we are. 

A team of loving, heart-centered people who desire to put Christ’s command to love one another into constant action.  We, along with our church family, provide support and practical assistance for families raising children with special needs, for those dealing with mental illness, for those who are grieving, and for those enduring long-term illnesses and other difficult life situations, so that no member of our spiritual family needs to feel alone.

Meet the Compassionate Care Ministry Team Members >>

What our purpose is. 

We desire to strengthen the care in the Grace family for those who are going through difficult situations and long-term challenges.

Compassionate Care Team Purpose and Programs >>

Special Needs Ministry

Our Team wants to make sure every child with a special need feels welcome and accepted at Grace.  We have a “Comfort Cove” room designed specifically with these kids in mind, provide one-on-one buddies during Sunday school upon request and support our families with care baskets during the year.  More details on the Comfort Cove, a survey of your Favorite Things to help us with our care baskets and a form to sign up for our Buddy program are included in the links below. 

If you are a family with a child with special needs, please complete the Student Registration Form to let us know.  Someone on the Team will contact you to see if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss the Heart to Heart Ministry Intake Form and how to best minister to the individual needs of your family.

Comfort Cove >>

Family Profile Heart to Heart Ministry PDF >>

Favorite Things Form >>

Request a Buddy or Become a Buddy >>

Student Registration Form >>

5th Sunday Seminars 

These seminars are sponsored through the year by the Compassionate Care Team. 


Learn more about 5th Sunday Seminars and view our Resources >>


Blessings and Challenges Surveys  

We want to help you get connected in community at Grace E-Free Church.  These surveys allow you to share blessings that you can provide or challenges you have been through from which you could minister to others.

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We have put all the forms related to the Compassionate Care Team in one place.  These are also found in the various sections above to which they relate.

Use this form to let the CCT know of needs that you have so we can come alongside you to support you during your life challenge.  In addition, all items listed on the Blessings Survey are things that our church family can assist you with in a practical way.

ALL YOUTH and ADULTS at Grace are encouraged to complete this form.  From these forms, our Team maintains a list of ways that we can tangibly be a blessing to others in our congregation in times of need or to minister to others who are going through a similar challenge.  

EVERYONE at Grace is encouraged to complete this form.  This helps the Team to personalize our gift baskets, especially to the families of kids with special needs, but for all the other occasions that arise where a gift of encouragement is given from the Team.  

ALL FAMILIES WITH KIDS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS at Grace are encouraged to fill out this form.  Our Team is in the process of meeting with all of the families of kids with special needs to discuss how our church can best minister to their families’, and this form is a valuable component of that discussion.  

ALL PARENTS at Grace who have a child with special needs and who would like their child to have a one-on-one buddy during Sunday school, fellowship time, or for a once a week meeting, are encouraged to complete this form. Our Team will work to match up a Buddy with your child that fits your needs.  

ALL ADULTS at Grace who feel called to become a Buddy for a child, youth or adult with special needs are encourage to complete this form.  Our Team will work to match you up with a Buddy.

ALL YOUTH and CHILDREN at Grace are required to fill out this form prior to attending any youth or children events at Grace.  This form informs our staff and volunteers of allergies and the special needs of the youth and children they serve and teach. 

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